WIM MERTENS - Heroides . LP
WIM MERTENS - Heroides . LP

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WIM MERTENS - Heroides . LP


Disco 2022 di Wim Mertens! ispirato alle "Heroides" di Ovidio...

For his new (and sixty-sixth) opus, Heroides, Wim Mertens was inspired by the Heroides.

This is a collection of poems written by the Latin poet Ovid, in the form of letters from mythological heroines (Sappho, Penelope, Hermione,...) to their heroic lovers who are absent (Phaon, Ulysses, Orestes,...) because of wars or other reasons of separation.

Heroides is presented in the form of a double album: the first for piano and voice and the second for an instrumental ensemble (violins, cellos, harp), completed by Mertens on piano. These mostly unanswered letters are what one might call little tragedies. The tragedy of separation from a loved one, of the pain of a love that cannot be shared, of a future without promise.

With Heroides, the composer has chosen to respond musically to these tragic monologues by presenting the same compositions for two different instrumentations.
Like a mirror to respond to the pain of absence, like an echo to these songs of humble solitude, like a hymn to reunion.

In 2020, the celebration of 40 years of career of Wim Mertens was to culminate in the Inescapable tour. But a certain virus passed through ... and complicated many things. In 2022, the composer will be back in the concert halls for our pleasure.

Heroides LP:
Phaedra - Dido - Medea - Hero - Hermione - Canace - Cydippe - Sappho - Briseis

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