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Stefano Cantini is a well-known saxophonist in the Italian and international jazz scene. In recent years he focused on a project called “Living Coltrane” with Ares Tavolazzi, Francesco Maccianti and Piero Borri.

Full Biography:

Stefano and Maurizio had been working together for a while in the mid80s and Stefano also played in GMM's album ("Love Supreme" is the best known track).

Since then Stefano has focused totally on jazz whilst Maurizio Dami produced World Music in the 90s and later on, under the art-name A.Robotnick , retrieved in 2000,  turned to electronic music again. So the two musicians had lost track of each other since 40 years. 


“In March 2023 I received a call from a club in Pisa, Cantiere San Bernardo. They asked me whether I could play live with Stefano “Cocco” Cantini on the occasion of a special event dedicated to Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici.

I called him and he answered enthusiastically.  Shortly before the concert we rehearsed at the Follonica Music School which he directs.

He improvised with me on the bases of my live. We liked our rehearsal and a few days later,  on June 2nd 2023,  we played in Pisa with much success.

So came the idea of doing something together. We decided to produce an EP featuring 3 tracks.On some of Robotnick's bases Stefano created an harmonic texture to improvise on. I mainly took care of the arrangement and the production. But what we play is the result of improvisation, with hardly any editing. It's amazing how we managed to work together so smoothly after so many years, as if we had never stopped”. 

We called this project “Robocok”.

They are modal tracks with a techno approch and harmonically open. Almost a provocation to the staticity of contemporary dance. On “Francok” and “ Frigiocok” Stefano plays soprano sax whilst on “Afrocok” he plays alto.

Guglielmo Bottin took the task of making the “inevitable” remix . He picked Francok and skilfully turned it into a pure drums and piano groove. Just for the dancefloor.

side A

  1. Francococco 6:00
  2. Frigiococco 6:46

side B

  1. Afrococco 5:53
  2. Francococco (Bottin rmx) 5:32

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