RARA MACHINE - Groove Racine . CD

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RARA MACHINE - Groove Racine . CD


The famous Haitian Rara Dance band living in New York.

Along with such bands as Boukman Eksperyans, Rara Machine helped to spread the dance music of Haiti to the international stage. Led by percussionist and vocalist Clifford Sylvain, the group served an infectious blend of voodoo rhythms and the popular dance music played at Carnival. Influenced by an older brother who played in compas band Bossa Combo, Sylvain dreamed of becoming a musician. His father, however, strongly inhibited this dream, disowning him after he had joined a local band. Sylvan's first break came when he was invited to play congas with Bossa Combo at a state function hosted by Duvalier. His playing was so impressive that he was asked to join the group on a permanent basis. Sylvain subsequently played with the Ambassadors, the Scorpio Band, and Accolade. Emigrating to New York, Sylvain studied percussion at the Latin Rhythm School, taking lessons from Mongo Santamaria and Franke Mabale. After performing briefly with New York-based compas band Ska Skah, he returned to Haiti following the overthrow of Duvalier's oppressive government. He formed Rara Machine shortly after his return.

1. Millenium Groove 5'17 (Cliff Sylvain)
2. Message 5'36 (Cliff Sylvain)
3. Mama Africa 5'26 (Cliff Sylvain)
4. Bade 2'21
5. Nou Tout se Zanj 8'17 (Cliff Sylvain)
6. Nèg Lakay 5'30 (Cliff Sylvain)
7. Ami Love 4'29 (Cliff Sylvain/Miriam Makeba)
8. Pakatan (Vacance) 5'25 (Cliff Salvain)
9. Racine Accolade 8'35 (Cliff Sylvain) 

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