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Paolo Di Cioccio plays: oboe, processed oboe, Moog synthesizer, Korg Z1, Mellotronium, 309, rythm' sequencers, Yamaha synthesizers

Paolo di Cioccio is a classical musician who studied the oboe at the Saint Cecile Conservatory in Rome, played at a number of classical music festivals as a soloist (Festspiel Berlin, Musica Verticale), and played in several orchestras (RAI Symphonic Orchestra of Rome, Abruzzese Symphonic Institute) under the direction of such masters as Von Karajan, Inbal, Aprea, Koenig and Neuhold. He has also composed a number of classical, avant-garde works. He currently teaches oboe at the Fausto Torrefrance conservatory in Vibo Valentia. In order to satisfy his eclectic tastes and longings, he immerged himself in experimental and electro-acoustic music in 1994, teaming up with his compatriot Enrico Cosimi in the group Theatrum Chemicum. Two albums have already been released on Musica Maxima Magnetica. He shows that he has equal talent for electronic music, proved in this album, "Logos", which was also put out by Musica Maxima Magnetica. Musically speaking, "Logos" could very well seem like it was a release of the labels Materiali Sonori, Morr or Wax. The record opens with a long, 20 minute track, minimal and melodic obedient techno, just like the second one. The rest is relaxed, well produced, similar to other melodic ambient work, other electronic artists like Craig Armstrong, a composer of atmospheric melodies. To note, however, this is a most interesting exploration of sounds, favoring spherical/circular effects and etheral atmospheres. Paolo di Ciocco elaborates his music by constantly combining the magical and esoteric. According to the ancient Greeks, Logos constitutes universal knowledge, and according to the Christians, Logos is the word of God. For his part, Di Cioccio conceived "Logos" as a universal sound mixing with all existing frequencies, whether or not they are audible. The concept of the album becomes an elaboration of a world where words and images become sounds. An initial voyage into the world of knowledge and truth, of which the word of order was, according to Di Cioccio: "Ordo ab Chaos". 

An interesting album permeated with mystery.

file under: electronic, abstract, ambient.

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