MODUS - Domus . CD


MODUS - Domus . CD


CD, 6-panel digisleeve, ltd. 300 copies

There are roads, paths that inevitably end up joining and there is not always an explanation that is dictated by a precise logic. in fact, there can be many reasons why one decides to take a common path, and in a musical world - which is extremely fragmented - one does not exclude chance or even the sum or escalation of those favourable circumstances that sometimes seem to be inevitable. Thus a simple empathic trigger was all that was needed, and the paths of Giulio Aldinucci, Emanuele Errante, Luigi Ferrara, Maurizio Martinucci and Fabio Orsi combined in an absolutely natural way to come together in the abstract "Domus" ideally built by this combo.

Modus is an intricate experiment of a five-headed Cerberus, a psychic liaison where each of the components has joined in with its own individual heritage and abilities. The composers, all veterans of the surprising electronic season born at the beginning of the millennium, and always very lively in the musical milieu, can boast decades-long experience in the field and in this way today they contemplate the demise of post-digital culture. The ensemble adopted a compositional method specifically designed in such a way that everyone could influence the collective and be permeated by it in turn, and thus the particles were mixed into a molecular cloud, a rational and unpredictable sound object, an amalgam that is both organic and complex at the same time.

"Domus" is like a river fed by five tributaries that flows fluidly through forty minutes of pure, multifaceted and dynamic electronic sound expressed in two long cinematic suites that alternate between dilation, dense textures and the physics of rhythm.

The album was recorded in the astral industries of Baia, Naples, Amsterdam, Siena and Taranto. The artwork was created by Stefano Gentile and Deison, and the the album was mastered by Giulio Aldinucci.