MAïA VIDAL - Spaces . CD

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MAÏA VIDAL - Spaces . CD


Maïa Vidal (Santa Barbara, California, February 20, 1988) is an American born composer, songwriter, musician, and visual artist. Currently based in Europe (primarily Barcelona and Paris), she has toured in Europe, Canada, and the United States. Vidal was born in Santa Barbara, California, moved at an early age to Brooklyn, New York, and then to Ithaca, New York where she began studying violin. She started her first band, an all-girl punk group, while a student at Ithaca High School. Her band, Kiev (later changed to Kievan Rus to avoid name conflicts with a California band of the same name), played in two Warped Tour events, and toured briefly with Bad Religion, Anti-Flag, and Gogol Bordello. Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin took an early interest in the band, and produced their EP Kievan Rus. The band was cast in a series of Coca-Cola commercial called “Girl Band” directed by cinematographer Lance Acord that aired in 2005. Mike Viola provided lyrics and musical direction for the commercials, but ‘Kiev’s’ music was used for the series. Various articles referenced the Coke ad highlighting the DIY attitude of the band, the documentary style used by Acord for the Coke “Real” campaign, and the ironic juxtaposition of a real “girl band” in an advertisement being more “real” than the reality TV show “American Idol” during which it aired.

Nata in USA da genitori francesi e tedesco-nipponici. Ha studiato a Montreal e adesso suona e canta fra Parigi e Barcellona. Una giovane e sorprendente artista globale. Dopo il successo dell'album di debutto "God is my bike", e due anni di concerti in tutto il mondo, Maïa Vidal torna con una nuova straordinaria serie di canzoni. Un incantevole nuovo album, pieno di belle melodie, liriche che colpiscono, composizioni innovative e una produzione audace. Affascinante pop-folk.

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