MAIA VIDAL - God Is My Bike

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MAÏA VIDAL - God Is My Bike . CD

Tra New York, Parigi e Barcellona. Un gioco di canzoni fra violino, fisarmonica, chitarra, percussioni. Maida propone un “pop da camera” elettroacustico e intimista. Di gran classe. Special guest: Marc Ribot.

The album has been praised by the critics. Denis Zorgniotti writing for France's Benzine Magazine opened his review by declaring that it is impossible to resist the charm which emanates from God Is My Bike, and that Maïa Vidal projects a unique melodic freshness, and that she is assured of a great musical career. Eelco Schilder writing for the German webzine FolkWorld said: "Vidal shows with this CD to be a fantastic singer, composer and musician. She has this bit airy, folk voice and fits with her compositions that are full of small sounds and nice alternative arrangements, in the more commercial orientated new-folk movement.

File under: indie/folk/alternative.

MAIA VIDAL, God Is My Bike

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