JUANA MOLINA . Anrmal / Live In Mexico . CD
JUANA MOLINA . Anrmal / Live In Mexico . CD
JUANA MOLINA . Anrmal / Live In Mexico . CD

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JUANA MOLINA . Anrmal / Live In Mexico . CD


Recorded at the ANRMAL Festival in Mexico, in early March 2020, a few days before the world came to a halt in a massive lockdown, Juana Molina's live recording ANRMAL will bear forever the memory of the world ”before”. The powerful rock-punk vibe of the whole set gives us hope for a better world to come.

When she started out, over two decades ago, Juana’s music was rather reflective and stripped down. She mostly performed solo concerts, with her guitar, a keyboard and effects. Over the years, her output gradually became wilder and more extrovert. The tours following her latest couple of releases defiinitely took Juana’s live show to a different level.

ANRMAL sees Juana Molina and her excellent bandmates Odín Schwartz and Pablo González at the top of their high-energy shape. It’s her first-ever live album, and will undoubtedly be a revelation to anyone who hasn’t had a chance to attend a recent concert.

ANRMAL comes in a beautiful packaging, in LP (red vinyl), CD and digital formats.

CD, album - made in Belgium

Available also on vinyl

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