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Hector Zazou & Bernard Caillaud, Quadri+Chromie
CD + DVD MASO CD 90139, 1295701392
Quadri +Chromies with its almost contemporary tones, is the result of a two-year collaboration with the painter Bernard Caillaud. The musician lets the colours be heard and the painter, the sounds be seen. Brian Eno, Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Sylvian, Peter Bruck, Bill Rieflin (REM) and Archaea Strings are the protagonists of musics that Hector Zazou has composed for the electronic images of French painter BERNARD CAILLAUD.

The work is contained in a dvd+cd edition in a box which includes ten postcards. Each disc is seperately packed in a card sleeve. Each postcard features a video artwork of Caillaud and represents a track from the album.

Quadri[+]Chromies brings together the video pictures of Bernard Caillaud and the electronic music of Hector Zazou.
Images and music are generated by computer. Colors and sounds seem to dialogue in a strange mechanical music that becomes understood by the spectator.
Hector Zazou has composed a serie of pieces for electronic and strings. Brilliant musicians like David Sylvian, Brian Eno, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Peter Buck et Bill Rieflin (from REM) have been involved in the recording sessions. Quadri[+]Chromies is presented two ways (which can be complementary):

  1. An installation : Every monitor has its painting and its music, which evolve into infinity, never repeating themselves.
  2. A concert : The paintings are projected onto one to four screens (the images use a format of 5X6 meters) and the music is broadcast in 5.1. Hector Zazou who manages all the electronic parts is backed by strings and woods.

"Quadri[+]Chromies" was created in concert in Florence (Festival Fabbrica Europa) in May 2002, and performed in Moscow in October 2003, Monterrey (Mexico) in October 2004 and Sofia (Bulgaria) in March 2005.

Strings - Archea Strings:
Viola - Marcello Puliti
Violin - Mauro Fabbrucci, Vieri BugliCello - Damiano Puliti
Double Bass - Filippo Pedol

Executive Producer: Jean-Michel Reusser
Mastered by Kai Blankenberg
Mixed by Peter Walsh
Produced, Composed, Arranged and Performed by Hector Zazou
Recorded by Lorenzo Moka Tommasini
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