FANFARE CIOCĂRLIA - The Story of the Band . DVD

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FANFARE CIOCĂRLIA - The Story of the Band . DVD


Just about time to rearrange your living room, folks!

A few weeks to go and it's all happening in your house - invite Fanfare Ciocǎrlia to blow off your roof or at least for a party to remember. Take a glance behind the scene, meet the members of the band in their home village, jump on the bus and join them on tour! Get ready for more than 150 minutes face to face with the Speed Demons of Gypsy Brass. This DVD will cover an entire live concert, the acclaimed movie "Iag Bari - Brass on Fire" as well as two video clips and aplenty extras. Ever heard of the 'Super-Rom-Image-Studios' in Romania?! That's where the band edited their very own 8mm film showing the early years...


  • Live at the "Kesselhaus der Kulturbrauerei" Berlin, April 04, 2004 . 4 songs and 11 instrumentals, playing time: 61:50 minutes
  • "Iag Bari - Brass on Fire", DVD-Version of the motion picture . Produced by Um Welt Film, 2002 . 10 chapters, playing time: 57:00 minutes
  • For a film about the "Gypsy Caravan" concert tour . Playing time: 03:30 minutes
  • Presentation of the musicians History of Zece Prajini and their brass music tradition . 8mm film produced by members of the band, 2 Videoclips and Discography . Total playing time: 28:44 minutes

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