ELIAS NARDI GROUP - Flowers of Fragility

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ELIAS NARDI GROUP - Flowers of Fragility . CD

Il mago dell'Oud torna con il suo terzo album, registrato in analogico con un gruppo di straordinari talenti. Un ponte tra jazz e Medioriente, ispirato ai cento anni dalla Grande Guerra, che rilancia la propria visione di “cantastorie strumentale”. Con Daniele Di Bonaventura (bandoneon);  Didier François (viola d’amore a chiavi); Nazanin Piri-Niri (flute); Carlo La Manna (fretless bass, six string bass); Elias Nardi (oud).
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Accompanied by an outstanding band, consisting of Daniele Di Bonaventura – bandoneon, Didier François – viola d’amore a chiavi, Nazanin Piri-Niri – flute, Carlo La Manna – bass, Elias Nardi plays a fluid, oneiric music, where the various all-instrumental mesmerizing compositions flow one into the other

 “This work is inspired by the idea and the art of Belgian painter Pol Bonduelle, a great friend of us with whom we have an important artistic collaboration since many years. Those who also own my previous CDs or LPs will immediately notice that covers and artworks were created by him…"

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