CRANIOCLAST - Kolik San Art . CD


CRANIOCLAST - Kolik San Art . CD


CD, 6-panel digisleeve, ltd. 300 copies

Almost 40 years after its first release in 1986, and just three months after the release of "Arctic Salon", their latest double LP, Cranioclast's second album is finally available on CD for the first time in a limited edition completely restored and remastered by Andrea Marutti.

When the whole Cranioclast discography is considered, "Kolik San Art" is probably their album that hosts the most 'guest' musicians and offers the greatest blending of acoustic or 'conventional' instruments, electronics and field recordings, sometimes even showing echoes of ancient music.

Words about music and sounds are like words about wine and, in this case, old wine. So there should only be a few words (about music) as always with Cranioclast.

On the occasion of this much deserved re-release, the extensive artwork of the original LP has been congenially transformed into a new design by Deison.