BATIDA - Neon Colonialismo . CD
BATIDA - Neon Colonialismo . CD

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BATIDA - Neon Colonialismo . CD


"Neon Colonialismo" is the new album -the first under his name since 2014- by musical agitator Batida, aka Pedro Coquenão, one of the main catalysts of the Afro-electronic scene. Carried by a subtle and refined electronic production, the eleven tracks (equally divided between songs and instrumentals), travel through the Portuguese-speaking world, from Portugal to Angola through Cape Verde and Brazil. They feature the presence of many distinguished guests: Mayra Andrade, Branko, DJ Satelite, Poté, Botto Trindade, Bonga, Ikonoklasta, Octa Push, Lia de Itamaracá, DJ Dolores, João Morgado, Pedro da Linha & Nástio Mosquito.

CD track list

  1. Bem Vindo feat. DJ Satelite
  2. Hmmm feat. Bonga
  3. Bom Bom feat. Mayra Andrade
  4. Ah! feat. Poté
  5. Farramenta feat. Nástio Mosquito
  6. Sr Mandão feat. Ikonoklasta, Octa Push & DJ Dolores
  7. Tem Dor (Africa de Itamaracá) feat. Lia de Itamaracá & DJ Dolores
  8. Sou eu! feat. João Morgado
  9. Batida Botto feat. Botto Trindade & Pedro da Linha
  10. Eléctrico feat. Branko

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