999 - The Biggest Tour in Sport . LP


999 - The Biggest Tour in Sport . LP


Formed in London in 1976, at the dawn of punk explosion, and still going strong to this day, 999 are one of UK's finest punk-rock bands of all-time, and certainly one of the longest-lived ones on the scene.
Intended to capture the band on their extensive 1980 US tour, producer Vic Maile was flown to NYC to record a show in Long Island.
Unfortunately the tapes supplied didn't fit the recording unit and so in order to save the already scheduled release, recordings from an earlier London gig were used instead! First released in the US in November 1980 "The Biggest Tour in Sport" consists of six songs capturing the band's live excitement in performing several of their hits such as "Homicide", `"Emergency" and "Feeling Alright with Crew".

Homicide 4:08
Feelin' Alright With The Crew 3:39
Inside Out 2:09
Titanic Reaction 3:16
Emergency 2:44
Boys In The Gang 2:50

Bass Guitar – Jon Watson
Drums – Pablo Labritain
Lead Guitar – Guy Days
Vocals, Guitar – Nick Cash