ARLO BIGAZZI - Polvere Nella Mente . CD

Materiali Sonori

ARLO BIGAZZI [ feat. Paolo Lotti - Orio Odori - Arturo Stalteri ] - Polvere Nella Mente . CD


When European musicians think of the native peoples of America, can they really interprete their music without simply falling into a banal imitation? Arlo Bigazzi, a musician in his own right, and producer for Materiali Sonori, does so, eloquently succeeding with a very original interpretation; his music is inspired by a spectrum of influences ranging from minimalism, rock and classical, to avantgarde and music with distant ethnic roots. For this project Arlo Bigazzi involved some of Materiali Sonori's main artists on a record which is to be appreciated for its compelling melodic creativity and soft atmospheres.

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