"Firenze Sogna" e "Matita Emostatica": due dischi che hanno fatto la storia ristampati in vinile

Materiali Sonori e Spittle Records hanno ristampato in vinile due dischi fondamentali degli anni Ottanta: "Matita Emostatica", prodotto a suo tempo da Al Aprile con la collaboreazione di Roberto Masotii, e "Firenze Sogna", realizzato da Ernesto De Pascale, Bruno Casini e Giampiero Bigazzi. Quest'ultimo appare per la prima volta in vinile, essendo stata la prima pubblicazione solo in CD.


'Matita Emostatica' is the re-issue  of a sought after  compilation connecting the most underrated outsider artists of the Milan scene, in the early eighties. The amazing artwork is the creation of influential  designer and photographer Roberto Masotti, a very well known figure in the avantgarde and jazz realm (he made astonishing portraits for the likes of Anthony Braxton, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Carla Bley, etc.)

The compilation was produced in 1981 by Al Aprile and released by Materiali Sonori. Among the 10 artists  you can find future journalists, unstoppable record collectors, renowned photographers and influential underground persona ... just scroll down the album and read the names of Monofonic Orchestra, Angelo Vaggi, Baker Street Band, Al Aprile, Roberto Masotti and many others. The result was quite unbelievable, ranging from small cosmic opus to avantgarde symphonies and asymmetrical etno-world jams. In the end ‘Matita Emostatica’ was quite in line with the efforts coming from the rest of Europe and the other side of the ocean, so to speak  the compilation wouldn’t  be out of place in the Ralph or Crammed Discs catalogue. A postcard from a country that is no more.


'Firenze Sogna' is literally a journey of musical itineraries from the legendary Tuscany chief town between the mid-70s and the early eighties, curated by Giampiero Bigazzi, Bruno Casini and Ernesto De Pascale. Influential post-punk act and electronic producers all teamed up with local legends depicting almost 20 years of a constant evolution. It is not simply the Italian way to rock’n’roll, hereby three generations of artists facing the banks of Arno river forged a memorable artistic season. Stalwart ok kosmische psychedelia Sensation’s Fix altogether with EBM forerunners Neon, astonishing etno-world travelers Zeit (the Italian answer to late Popol Vuh ?) and electro pioneer Alexander Robotnick, no wave heroes Rinf and rock in opposition alumni Bella Band (Cramps Records). 23 tracks split between two lps, a revelation of sort.

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