DOMENICO BIANCHINI ROSSETTO - Intabolatura de Lauto [ perf. Fabio Accurso & Ensemble Dumblis e Puemas ] . CD


Intabolatura de lauto di Dominico Bianchini detto Rossetto di ricercari motetti madrigali canzon Francese Napolitane et balli nouamente stampati.

performed by Fabio Accurso (liuto) & Ensemble Dumblis e Puemas

Collection of music for lute in tablature, consisting of arrangements of secular and sacred music intabulated by Domenico Bianchini.

Domenico Bianchini was born into a family of famous Venetian mosaic artists, and, judging by his nickname, 'Il Rossetto', he must have possessed a head of striking red hair, similar to the famous Venetian composer of the early 18th century, Antonio Vivaldi.
Bianchini's "Intabolatura de Lauto" (Venice, 1546), of which this recording features the entire book, was his sole publication. Intabolatura was a great success, being reprinted in its entirety at least three times, 11 of its works even being reprinted in Nuremberg by Hans Gerle, 1552. The book itself is a perfect exemplar of the Venetian lute book of the mid-16th century, featuring intabulations of scared and secular vocal music, a selection of polyphonic recercari, and a selection of dances, including dances local to Venice, such as the 'Santo erculano'. The music itself is complex, beautiful, at times reflective, and at times flamboyant. The book presents a veritable feast of European lute music. The music was performed on a Renaissance Lute by James Marriage (2004) after Hans Frei (c1550), strung entirely in old Aquila nylgut. The disc was recorded fairly intimately and with little editing so as to produce a fresh and candid sound, suited to the intimacy and immediacy of the music. It is the first in a series of recordings by Richard MacKenzie focusing on the repertoire of lutes and early guitars. (Produced and engineered by Richard MacKenzie. Recorded at St. Margaret's Church, Binsey).

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