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Appetizer. Hypetize. Organize the appetite. Squarize the sinusoid. Realize. Realize yourself. My appetite for dance music. Dopebeats are my breakfast. Appetite of you. Appetite for myself. I've a strange appetite for this kind of stuff. i've just realized you're my appetizer. Josef has his appetites. We all have appetite. Hypetize. Are you hungry? No i've just an appetite. Please, an appetizer first of all?



Dati starts his activity in Florence (1997) setting up his first project called Saldosuolo, in collaboration with Amleto Elia. Their interests: installations, modern art shows/events. In june '97 Saldosuolo is involved in a 3 days art festival at CPA Firenze-sud (Saldosuolo). The same year he edits the Italian version of "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead" by Tom Stoppard, published in Italy by Sellerio Editore. In summer 2000 he releases the background sounds (In Chiostro) for a modern art show in Martina Franca (Taranto), in a cluster of Saint Domenico Church, during the week of the 'Festival della Valle d'Itria'. In january 2001 he starts the collaboration with Tokyodawn, a netlabel and a collective bringing free music on the web. In july 2001 he signs with Minus Habens Records... 



A great singer located in Washington, DC, Josef is an inspiring and uplifting singer. His vocal styling ranges from Luther Vandross to Lionel Ritchie, Will Downing to Barry White. His music genre ranges from R & B to Soul. Josef’s first commercial project was with a Washington production team called 95 North. Together they released a remake of Ramsey Lewis and Earth Wind and Fire’s, “Sun Goddess.” It made it to Black Market Records and stayed #1 in the UK for one full week. Josef’s energy and performance style is an attribute and delight to any venue that he performs in. He has been welcomed with open arms around the world.

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