WINDOPEN - Quando i baci erano fiocchi . LP

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WINDOPEN - Quando i baci erano fiocchi . LP

Bologna. At the turn of the late 1970s and early 1980s.
The events of March '77 and the murder of the student Francesco Lorusso. The massacre at the Radio Alice station closed by the police after a raid (which, however, was fully broadcasted live).
But also 'Bologna Rock' and the Clash historical show in Piazza Maggiore. Cult label and association Harpo's Bazaar and Italian Records.
Local clubs such as The Punkreas and the Small.
The long running record shop Disco D'oro and the self-made fanzines ...
Obscure but at the same time bright years, they inevitably generated an exuberant powerful musical movement that from Bologna then spread throughout Italy, and we were definitely part of it.

‘Quando I Baci Erano Fiocchi' is a collection of songs written and recorded in that period, in the cellar of Via s. Vitale 13 with a 4-track cassette deck.
Never released before, they see the light today after being edited, remixed and digitally remastered.
The missing link between post-punk and new wave, Windopen could seriously show the dark side of a ‘political’ nation.


Side A :
  1. Quando I Baci Erano Fiocchi
  2. Aiuto !
  3. Yeeeeeeh !
  4. Solo Per Noi
  5. Fuori Di Me
  6. Brutte Storie
Side B :
  1. Ancora Sotto Shock
  2. Le Teste Dure
  3. Ho Bisogno Di Qualcuno
  4. Mi Hanno Detto Di Stare Lontano Da Te
  5. La Notte è una Città (demo version)
  6. Ora E Per Sempre 

  • Alberto Pietropoli, sax, cori
  • Marco Gualandra, batteria, percussioni
  • Roberto Terzani, voce, basso, chitarre, tastiere, editing, mix
  • Saverio Pasotti, chitarra solista, chitarre, cori
  • Carmine Martoccia, tastiere, chitarra, cori